The Keeping Room

2015      R   1:35  Drafthouse films  Sam Worthington

well there’s really not much for me to say and not much of a plot to it either.

2 union army deserters (or are they?)  pillage the land ahead of the main forces and 3 women face off against them to protect their home against these sinister MALEvolence?  Who will survive?

Honestly by the time it was over aside from getting to see Sam Worthington in a movie again  I wished everyone had died in the first 15 minutes or half hour~ As a ‘full’ movie its crap. There’s no much, and frankly in the beginning I thought i went deaf! There was no noise not even a bird or bug sound, not even the women humming as they worked or something to be sure your volume isn’t going to rip your ear drum out once there is sound.

Once the women spoke.. I had my tv maxed out just to hear what they were saying. This would have been better as a short film (or edited down to one)

a big fat



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