containment-poster-5CW   Fridays  Limited series Event   Drama

David Gyasi,   Christina Marie Moses, Chris Wood, Claudia Black, (imdb

George Young, Kristen Gutoskie 

 Fear is viral, Hope is Contagious

To start, I was sick of seeing the coming attraction for it. Over hype can lead to  no ‘hype’  or shall I say no Buzz. Buzz is better than hype. Buzz is basically us telling friend and family how great a movie is like Deadpool which could have fallen flat but was Awesome! That is the difference between Buzz & Hype the media creates hype (before and after a movie or series is released.)The Batman vs Superman movie was over hyped, it was the movie I was excited for until they showed the trailer EVER. Commercial. Break. to the point I no longer wanted to see it in the theater as I figured with the over hype that meant the whole movie was in the trailer. (Not quite but close enough) over hype can create weariness, weariness (doubt) can make your movie (or whatever) bomb.

ok so with that…

The first episode starts with a scene of things to come from Day 13 of the contagion. Then we start from the beginning where Jana is trying to pack to move in with her boyfriend Alex. Alex is called to work along with his friend Jake played by Chris Wood who has to go track down who is thought to be patient zero.

Walking Dead fans (like myself) may have a ironic laugh as for one they are in Atlanta and two they show the CDC…. sadly we are not headed (so it looks) for the zombie apocalypse in this.

Oh and maybe I should put a bit of a warning in this as well for those with sensitive stomachs…

There are images of Blood, Puss and gore. The image to your right is a cold compared to some of the other victims it has shown

Episode 2 is Night one of the infection   where it is made official that from infection to death takes 48 hours while they autopsy patient zero.

One thing that has annoyed the hell out of me with this… WHY hasn’t the cop (who played the Gemini twin in Vampire Diaries)  put on a medical mask under his helmet’s it’s plastic and doesn’t come down far enough for my taste. Then there’s the woman taking care of the kids… with the medical gloves on… (instead of using a new pair) pops a poll or 2  eww  just nasty I’d want a box of them gloves of my own and one for the room or maybe change the gloves each hour. No I’m not some germaphobe but with a viral infection that is contracted as easily and fast as this one… I’d want my own hazmat suit if I had to be in a room of kids because as far as I’m concerned.. every last one of them has it. I say this because once I graduated school I never got sick, the only time I got sick after that was when I was working (around other people who came into work while sick)

Plus I’d ask for pitchers of orange juice and pomegrante juice and anything else esp. dark chocolate which has antioxidants!

Ok enough of that… I forget the cops name but I am liking how he is handling the public, I just wish and think the government should divulge a bit more information (at least what they have) because I see that’s when people panic more.

The show is a mini series so whether you watch now or save it for a binge or to watch an episode a day (hey all of you… do NOT erase your spouse or siblings DVR programs! )  It’s a save when there’s less to watch on like this time of year when your shows are sa confusing mess of what already had their season finale and which ones are still on, plus even when things settle and there’s not as many interesting shows on.  same for Syfy’s Hunters!

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