Book Bind~ Ready Player One

Ready Player One

by Ernest Cline

372 pages    Sci-fi, Adventure, Fiction

a New York  Times Best Seller

Wade Watts  our main character and narrative host. His name, he was told was an alliterative name like that of superhero alter egos  like Clark Kent and uses Parzival as his Avatar’s name.  He lives with his aunt in a ‘skyscraper’ of a trailer park… known as ‘the stacks’ in (or near) Oklahoma City. He’s what is known as a ‘Gunter’ and is searching for the ‘easter egg’ in Halliday’s GSS game. Halliday is the creator of the GSS, and setting up this contest as he has no heir’s so whoever wins the contest, wins the estate and company!  All he really has is the Laptop for school, in which he attends virtually! He does this through Oasis which was made by James Halliday  from His Gregarious games company which for this became Gregarious Simulation System  or Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory immersive Simulation.

Halliday was a geek for a variety of 1980’s pop-culture, whose avatar in Oasis was called Anorak which was a wizard in black robes. He made Anorak’s almanac, a compendium of over a 1000 pages long of undated journal entries of activities and lists of observations  on video games, books, movies, comics and 80’s pop culture.  At the time of his death he had  made a video will that the person who found the easter egg in the Oasis would be the heir to  his  estate, including the company. His journal included all the  films in his collection at Time of Death. The man had the World’s largest collection of  classic video games, vintage lunch boxes and comic books

This brought about a second or new definition to the word Oology, which is the study of birds eggs, but here it’s to search for Halliday’s easter egg.

IOI or Innovative online Industries have and Oology division of their own egg hunters hired to hunt  and anything they find or win will be turned over to IOI. These egg hunters are called ‘sixers’; as their employee numbers all start with a 6 for their avatar  though the Gunters call them sux0rz, some of which hold parties to kill them off.

Wade’s friends are cyber crush Art3mis, best friend with Aech and teams up with Shoto & Daito

Shoto and Daito is Japanese for the short and long swords  (or Daisho for the set) samurai use

Here’s a few  highlights I thought were important in case you wanted to read specific parts to see if you’d be interested for some of the background info, these pages work well.


PG-17 Global Civilization

pg 44   Sword quest ‘trivia’

Pg-49  mentions of the ‘metaverse’

Pg-53  Biography on Halliday

66-67   Ultraman (Japan)


“You can shove it up your ass

and pretend you’re a corndog”

– Wade to IOI customer on some sword he purchased that is too high a level for his avatar

Not only did the story  bring me to a time in the future or another world , it brought me to many worlds and for what I’d say is a sci-fi book, I think it’s the first one (maybe because its modern writing) I’ve been able to finish. This is an epic adventure for any gamer or whatever variety of geek you are. Even if you are not into geek culture, I think anyone can enjoy it especially those brought up in the 70s & 80s which I call “The Dawn of the video game” though if I remember right, in the book there’s a game or something mentioned that came out in the 60s!

You millennials should catch up on watching, playing reading some of that is mentioned or just read the book as you may never know when  your favorite movie quote-a-long, music album (as in classic vinyl with the special fold out liner notes art) or video game will be a clue to win a march larger video game challenge.

I had quite the bit of fun reading this adventure,   I didn’t want to put it down or for it to end!  I am definitely keeping this in my library to read over and over again in the future  (and likely to be highlighted for quick reference of classic movies etc.) it would also make for a cool addition to a time capsule for a variety of reasons one in which well

1.there may not be actual print books by the time the capsule would be opened,

  1. it is a resource of 80s pop culture and
  2. The idea for someone in the future (if someone is not already working on this)  to make a game treasure hunt/game like this.  I liked the last paragraph of the thank yous, which thanks all the artists, creators etc of the movies, music and such that was mentioned.

The Key’s they get to enter the gates are ‘Easter Eggs’ themselves  as well as the non-material prize at the end…  The Keys in the game are the keys or in other words, character traits you needed to have.  For instance one could be learning to work as a team, learning from past mistakes, but I will let you be the judge of what the traits are for each.

I even finally got an official term for the table top games (that I remember from Riding Hi Ranch when I was a kid) the lodge had a few ‘Cocktail Cabinets’  so Thank you Mr. Cline for finally clearing that up for me.

Find the Ready Player One  ‘database‘ I made here

if for some reason it does not work right…here is the reading list part of the database

&  Order Ready Player One here via Amazon

Check out the author’s website   you want to accept anoraks invitation trust me



What Captain Conceals the Jade key and where?

(tie breaker …Who is the Phone Phreak? and what did he do?)

(Contest info Winner gets a $5 (to $10) Amazon Gift Card to purchase a copy of any format they want of Ready Player One  if you do not already have it



Colophon– a publisher’s emblem or imprint epsecialy on the title page or spine of a book. or a statement at the end of the book typoically with the printers emblem and information of authorship

Dilettantes-a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge:

Indenturement– bind (someone) by an indenture as an apprentice or laborer:

Vorpal– a fake sword in RPG

Ludus- school, sport, or game



The following is a few facts and such from the book if you’d like to see the ‘database’ of movies, games & so on mentioned in the book You can check find the list on my blog here

1970s & 80’s pop-culture & facts mentioned

Here’s video of the 1962 game Space war on a PDP-1

Robotron if you got a highscore you could post an entire sentence of text, unlike other games which only let you enter your initials

2 of the earliest Video games are 1958’s Tennis for 2 by William Higinbotham   & 1962’s Space War (as seen in the video above)

Pg-66 Dungeons & Dragons Suplement book Tomb of Horrors 1978 called a Module a thin booklet with maps

Kikaider Japanese 70s show with a Red & Blue android  that beats up Kaiju & Tokusatu monsters


The Goonies      Legend

John Hughes Movies — Dorky Girl Fantasies  = 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, & Some Kind of Wonderful

Dorky Boy fantasies= The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and Ferris Buller’s Day off


Pg-358  Classic PC & Video games

Basic programming



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