Dark Was the Night

2015  NR 1:39  Kevin Durand


A logging company arrives to the town of Maiden Woods cutting away forest which awakens an evil on the populace. The towns only hope is the personal demon wrestling Sheriff played by Kevin Durand. (If there anything this guy isn’t in? Vikings, The Strain its like he’s the new Vinny Jones who pops up everywhere)

Watched at midnight for ambiance and to set more of a creep factor…Horror movies are best watched in the dark anyway! Sadly I did start dozing off and ‘re-watched’ what I missed next day, which was about 1/4- half the movie.  You don’t get to see much of the monster at first. One of the residents was able to take a photo thanks to those motion capture cameras  hunters use. and it looks like something that would be in one of the original Scooby cartoons (just not cartoonish) at first I thought maybe it could be the Jersey Devil but this is a very small town  and the roads get closed  when a storm is brewin (I experienced that on a road trip in upstate New York.. thankfully we were not going to Buffalo!)


The movie definitely builds tension and I love that its a slow build for this one and for me t fall asleep during a movie is rare. I sadly did not note what I did during the day that I would have dozed off other than maybe I was in pain which usually does me in. But if that wasn’t the case or we didn’t go out or clean up then I guess it got a little too slow in a part and that is the reason. but for only a quarter to half of the movie to be missed is  pretty good.

Im not really sure what to grade it  but I did have a jaw drop the very last scene! so a I guess a


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