Wynonna Earp

Syfy  Fridays

Melanie Scrofano  (Damien)  plays Wynonna who with great grand pappy Wyatt Earp’s ‘Peacemaker’ is the only one in the town of Purgatory, that can grant paranormal justice and ‘send the demons back to hell. (is the a real town called purgatory, like there is a Hell Michigan?) 

There’s one guy who is dressed in the way of the old west, played by actor Tom Rozon (Lost Girl, Being Human) who I know the character’s name was mentioned but I can’t remember what i…got it… Doc Holiday. He hangs out in the baddy camp but they seem to shun him so WTF is he good bad or ‘grey’?   Waverly seems to like him, but Wy doesn’t trust him, so I’m going with her judge in character.

Michael Eklund  (or as I call him ‘Creepy Norman’ a character frm Blood Ties) plays Bobo Del Rey who looks like a Vikings wannabe with the fur etc.

Oh look at the just as I’m trying to figure that out… the third episode drops a bit more info on Doc!

Actually I am enjoying the series, the episodes feel more like they are half an hour long and not an hour, I even have wanted it to go on longer so that’s a good sign. Some of the demons are a bit funny in ways and gotta love Wynonna’s sarcasm.

Even if the supernatural/paranormal stuff usually isn’t your thing, I think it’s safe to say that its a modern western (or somewhat)  worth giving it a try!


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