The Curse of Downers Grove

2015 NR 1:29 teen thriller  from Anchor Bay

a town’s ‘curse’ that has claimed one high school senior’s life every year since 2004. Who will it be this year,  The sweet goody 2 shoes, the jock from another town the kid bro, the Kintergarden friend or slutty bestie?

The story follows Christie who is a skeptic and her best friend Tracy is a believer and may be the next victim. Chuck the jock ‘roid from the other side of the tracks fancies Chrissie, invites her to a party and from there on antagonizes her. Meanwhile her guy friend since kindergarten has a crush on her but doesn’t seem to have the guts to go further with it, and aside from a drunken snug she’s not interested in him that way.

So far the curse looks more like a bunch of stupid bored teens in a town with nothing for them to do but drink and do drugs. Or you can call it the stupidity curse even, cause drinking, drugs, and Live Triangles or shall I say squares and one or 2 of those being ‘mental’ is a curse or is it.. maybe there’s just something about the land.   Predictable, but watchable. I was hoping it wouldn’t end as I thought it was and instead it would be something more dramatic than it was (honestly I’ll just say when she’s on the swing I was hoping something would fall out of the sky, or something come up from the ground as a  “yeah it’s a curse” but no just the lame predictable ending it had.


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