The Last Shift

2015    R   1:25  from Magnet pictures


The plot echos that of Assault on Precinct 13. The first shift alone for this rookie may be her last. Well it’s been quitre a time since I did see Assault ‘ but from the tiny memory I have of it, this you could say is definitely a supernatural version of the plot.

Though I came up with other titles for this like Satan’s Follies or Precinct 666 but those are only my goofy titles for it (and if you want to use it for a title.. I just ask you credit me (or link the blog) for the inspiration of it!)  There were a couple of paranormal activity stunts without the scare (like chairs piled up) The make-up work looked amature, and the ‘manson’ like guy’s make-up I’d swear I’d seen in another movie (or was it a band)  it was suspenseful and maybe a bit creepy.


C                    Last Shift…………… Available  here via amazon


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