The Last Witch Hunter

2015  PG-13 1:47  Blu-ray      Action Adventure Fantasy         Vin Diesel,  Michael Caine,  Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood

A powerful coven bent on destroying humans aims to unleash  a horrific plague on New York City. It’s up to Vin Diesel’s Witch Hunter, a priest and a good hearted witch to curb the plan.

Wow wait… did I just see them go down a tunnel in the split of the tree?

There’s a truce that so long as witches did not use magic against humans, they would not be incarcerated. Kaulder is the Witch hunter who’s life has come to an immortal full circle, what he once killed he will have to again after a dark witch conjures one of the 3 most powerful witches ever.

The story was pretty thin , not entertaining, nor thrilling actually the only thing remotely funny (or so I got a chuckle out of it) was Michael Caine’s line about “Do that with a iPad”

I think I’m at the point where if Vin isn’t playing Dom Toretto… I don’t dig his character. He didn’t have (or get to have) any swagger in this maybe a  micro bit but is wasn’t enough to even help the movie.




after the dreaded plague starts to recede


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