Jurassic World

2015                   PG-13           2:04          blu-ray    stars      Chris Pratt   &  Bryce Dallas Howard


The park owners have called for a new ‘thril’ of an attraction and of course the idiot scientists answer is a genetic hybrid. At first for an answer of what this new dino is.. Indominous Rex (ok so it’s part T-rex) but bigger than T-rex.  another is that it’s classified.  Not only is it a dino that never before existed, bu they spliced other animals into it to fill in the G-nome (I think they said)

“Jurassic World was built to show how very small we are”

So i can see Blue is already a possible threat and I do love the blue lines on it’s sides. had a chuckle with the ‘Close the cage’ part while he was still in the cage.. but You’ll see why I had that little laugh.

In response to people not liking the Indominious rex name… another sort of funny bit was Bryce Dallas Howard saying a hard (scientific) dinosaur name on  kids trying to say this name. Then Pratt  “You should hear you say it”


all that technology & education for it but in reality, no brains!  I want to know WHY is there no emergency underground bunker for when the psychosauruses get out? (esp. one these idiots engineered)  it seems the ONLY emergency code for parks is to get the people out.

It’s like the other movies prior to this one but in this you end up rooting for a certain few that were threats in previous movies! but WHO’s idea was it to keep ‘Howard in the heels the whole time? I swear this was a subliminal commercial for the pantyhose commercials                

I remember the song being in it longer than just the end… (maybe it the one for the stockings was the one I was thinking of.)


Just when you think hope is lost… F** Chris Pratt.. the REAL hero (who I thought dead) shows up and help comes from below!

Moral of the story….don’t F** with genetics. That of which has already been dead (well predators that could eat us) should stay that way.

I was going to give it a C- but the end saved it  and I’ll give it a B!!!

Jurassic World available here via amazon in all formats 


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