Rock the Kasbah

2015       R         1:47            Blu-ray                Comedy, War, Music

Bill Murray,  Zooey Deschanel, Kate Hudson,Bruce Willis, Taylor Kinney, Scott Caan, Danny McBride …..More on Imdb

Murray plays a a manager or talent agent (is there a difference?) in the music industry as the luckless Richie Vance who’s charge Ronnie is selected to go on the USO tour but skips out taking his wallet & passport and leaving Richie stranded.

After hearing the angelic voice of an Afghan girl, he find it to be fate that he got stuck there so he could make her a star. They run into some cliche as well as oppressed religious nation obstacles along the way.

Well comedy is supposed o be one of the genres but it wasn’t really funny, to me Murray came off as trying to hard to make the script more light and I didn’t particularly like the story. Don’t get me wrong, I respect it as in one step for woman kind sort but its supposed to also be a comedy and I wouldn’t have titled it ‘Rock’… Pop yes but Rockin it certainly wasn’t.


I wouldn’t waste my money buying it, or even as a rental, other than if you have netflix or just wait for it to be on a cable station

but here’s the link if you want to via amazon



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