Fridays 9pm EST  Chiller (not quite) Original series…

This what I expect to be a spoof (of Scream & Scream Queens series with or without the sp) Starts on Halloween Night of 1988,  the era of the slasher film when a couple are supposed to be getting ready for a party but in a case of mistaken identity  (if you want to call it that)  leads to a triple & a 1/4 homicide.  The 4th life Sarah is now all grown up and moves back into the house she was born in where the crime took place.

Chief Peter McBride disappeared after the murders and just one of the suspects. I find Hallucinatory Helen to be a possibility and mean old Mrs. McBride as well (I believe she really has the motive for sure) then there’s the idiot chief or sheriff (I forget which but I think he’s an ass)  who says there’s no serial killer blah blah usual cruise in Egypt on DENIAL!  I think one of these 3 is the Executioner…and might I say creepy and scarier than past slasher villains? For one the name just strikes fear into our  lives of the past.. look at what we had in the past for slashers… Freddy Vengefully funny ‘skin condition’ he was a comedian hey
I’m sure I would have had a laugh, after all there’s been a few nightmares I’ve woke up from laughing at them and I lived a street  over from elm!!! Jason was a deformed mama’s boy , Michael Meyers WTF was his problem again… some serious sibling rivalry? I just don’t remember why… With the executioner.. he looks like a scary version of one of Fat Albert’s crew  with that black rubbery looking mask that looks like he melted it over his face almost to make himself look like a candle as well?!


It’s suspenseful I’ll give it that and instead of stopping watching it.. I half watch it as I really don’t need my full attention to know what’s going on. I think this would be best watched either weekly as I do (as I doubt I could take longer than watching an hour of it. It’s not that sort of pace you can sit there for a marathon.) or one or 2 a day but not a binge (other than watch an hour go do something for a few hours then watch another episode)


The executioner is oh how original… using the 7 deadly sins as motive… and man forget about 7… I think if not half than most of the town will be gone by the end of the series.  I can’t stand the paper owner so she’s up on my radar for a suspect she seems to care more about getting the stories than anything. Not to mention.. she also seems stuck-up and pushy.. I hope she’ll get executed. To me the acting is a bit monotone, I feel as though the actors are phoning it in.


C-  Toss up


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