2015  PG  1:31 on Blu- Ray Animated

Sandra Bullock, Allison Janney, Michael Keaton, Steve Coogan, Geoffrey Rush, & Pierre Coffin  (hey is that last guy married? I think Coffin would have a nice ring with my name… Kim Marie….


Our favorite cute big eyed banana loving fire hydrant looking minions are back, this time we get the backstory.

They’ve been around since the dawn of time  serving villain masters  and have a history of accidentally killing them off. Kevin, Bob and Stu set out on a journey to find a new boss after the lot fall into depression after losing their latest.

I found this to be lackluster but the soundtrack of classic rock was enjoyable. Nothing was really funny except one ‘faux pas’ so to speak gave me a HA!

With or without expectations going into was below the past performances.   C-


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