Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

PG-13    2 hours & 31 minutes (or so I’ve read)

Directed by Zack Snyder

Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gardot, Jeremy Irons Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams

Estimated Budget  250,000,000    Opening weekend  166, 007, 347

 The Preview

Originally Foreseen in the 2007  movie I am Legend. I thought it was advertised in the movie as coming out in 2012, or 2014; however upon checking the trivia on for it

In one scene in the deserted street a billboard can be seen with a large Batman and Superman logo superimposed over each other, and the date “5-15-10”. This is an in-joke at the expense of screenwriter Akiva Goldsman. Goldsman did script rewrites for a “Batman Versus Superman” project in 2002. This was just one of the countless attempts to revive the Superman franchise that culminated in the release of Superman Returns(2006). It wouldn’t be until 2016 that Superman and Batman would share the silver screen together in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

“Deleted” scene from Batman vs Superman

the difference between Capt. America civil war & Batman vs. Superman

Trailer review from the B.A.R. 

am I the only one that sees a likeness between the ‘rock monster’ of this and the Destroyer of The first Thor movie?

I mean they are both elements (one earth and the other metal) and they both shoot that crazy blast out of their eyes.

Batman vs superman interview w with stars and Snyder

Affleck batman vs superman ny times interview

The following Is my Review as well as assorted articles and other fodder and following that is reviews of others and some article links

The Review

In a bit of goofyniess.. I thought I’d add this Tom & Jerry Weigh In On Who Wil Win: Batman  being as I LOVE Tom & Jerry and still do (even the new ones are ok but nothing like the fun of the old ones. as many times as I’ve seen the ones I saw as a kid…they still make me laugh.)

to start a friday march 25th night opening of 82 million sounds pretty good… but with the full opening weekend box office being tallied to $166 million not good for a movie well over 200 million to film.  Which mean the headline of this article “Batman v Superman” Surpasses Marvel’s Preview Night Box Office Record has got to be bogus right? The poor dear people that paid that .1 million more just didn’t know better. While if you go on the day your theater has discount day (tuesday here for $7.50) it’s worth seeing in the theater, otherwise the movie while big time decent FX, the storyline just didn’t cut it for me. It didn’t seem to flow well like they just took a jigsaw puzzle of scenes that looked like they best lined up and put them in as close of an order to make sense as possible.

  1. I still have a problem with ‘Bat’fleck… he’s just not impressive or intimidating as Batman…(or whatever the reasons it was we LOVED Christian Bale as him.. maybe it was too early for me at least to see someone else as such.) now as an Older Bruce Wayne.. is another story. It felt more ‘real’ when he was BW..
  2. I find the Bat mask atrocious he looks like he’s trying out to be a transformer or a power ranger… its just overly bulky (and dopey looking.. barely looks like a bat…. )  The suit… I nearly wet myself when I saw the texture of it… this is Hollywood costuming? I could have made the damn thing with duct tape!! It freaking looks like a previous batsuit was FULLY patched over with duct tape  also looks like its part  Tefflon (?) or maybe gortex but it just made me think of every duct tape joke I ever made.
  3.  WHY does superman’s suit glow blue around the wrist/forearm area?

and do we really YET AGAIN have to see  Bruce Wayne’s Origin story when his parents get killed? You would think after all these years they’d maybe think of something else or a new interpretation of it. Granted it’s pretty noir looking but I’m so sick of it.


So we pick up the events of man of steel and what I call the car commercial cause its only him driving the car… and what Bruce went through during the arrival of Zod.

18 months later in the Indian Ocean some people are pulling up what looks like a giant turd and is that a glow I just saw under the water near said ‘turd’?

Oh no You did NOT just threaten Lois Lane… and wait what’s with the Bat branding (and I don’t mean merchandise)  criminals? Wait that MIGHT just make a good idea…

“and the gods hurl thunder bolts”  (well YEAH! let me introduce you.. Zeus God of Lightning and Thor God of Thunder”

OH HELL-O Henry (or should that jsut be the candy bar “O Henry”?) come make me some dinner with no shirt on …

What is the B.S. about Superman being a ‘god’ in this? I don’t recall him ever claiming to be one you F-tarts, you are the ones who put him up on that pedestal. IN the simplest way I can think to explain ..he’s a meta human born on another planet… aliens are not gods you cavepeole.

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get past Michael Rosenbaum’s Smallville Lex Luthor as It was on so many years and when I see him now that’s the first thing that comes to mine… well I think Jesse stole the role (and show?) for all for me it seemed like his portrayal was part old time villainous cartoon cheese, with his own I will make you LOVE to Hate me spin on it.

“With Balls like yours, you should be in here”  __(sorry can’t recall character name)____ to Lois while in Men’s room

Wait was that a Bently? I don’t recognize the emblem on the car… and now for the ‘super’ party.

“it may be the Gotham in Me …we have a bad time with freaks in clown suits” Bruce Wayne to Clark

Wait who is that, that jsut came out of that hole? uh oh… return of Bane? Nope.. apparently Batman just raided his closet.

Bruce has some dream and some character that to me resembled Iron man a bit  pops out

BATfleck.. trying to turn BUFFleck

Of course people with the money to have people cook for them would have ‘walk in’ Fireplaces .. If I had one of those.. I’d get rid of the damn stove~ and make the kitchen a walk -in freezer fridge! I LOVE stuff cooked on the flame! (Toasted marshmallows or roasted dogs anyone?)

OH!!!! So that’s the reason for RoBAT!  Still hate the costume though. Still not impressed.

The thought came (I guess cause i watched the show last night) If Norman Bates & Lex Luthor met….

The ‘one liners’ if you want to call them that are dry but I get various types of humor, these are barely funny the most you may utter is a Ha.

Now I’m not sure if you know of the big ‘boss’ in this but stop reading now if you don’t…

General Zod is turned into DoomsDay and HOW did I know better than to  use a nuke on him? His name is doomsday and my logic (or is it common sense) tells me Doomsday ‘devises’ will only make it stronger.  And affleck with a Great (the best?) Oh Shit! moment and is it just me or is Wonder Woman DC’s version of Capt. America?

As usual too much was shown in the trailer(s) or maybe too many were made.   It is Dark (if not as much maybe more than the Dark Kight movies)  but this is supposed to be a Superman movie yet still does not feel like such to me. So far I am still thinking that D.C. should stick to TV shows instead of the movies. It still not not feel as good of stories, let alone the scale. I remember getting excited for those Batman movies.. this one.. I was a bit excited then they showed the trailer suring EVERY commercial break and I was about to wait til it was available on video.

There were some things that were ok..  I am in a way disappointed with the end, plus that we didn’t exactly get our answer. The fights & stunts  are fast enough for a thrill, but in my taste  snyder or the writer needs to go I know it’s not the actors’ fault it lies within production director or writer (or maybe what the execs wanted) but I’m not sure which one of those if not all to blame~!

as I reviously said this ios NOT a Batman movie the key there is Superman is in the home team’s slot.. (for those into sports they will understand what I mean for those of you that are not.. You can tell when a team is at home as their City name or however it is listed is usually after the other team they are playing.

just finished reading the Entertainment weekly review & they mention Doomsday looking like a giant turd!!!

They also mention it starts out as a tug-o-war of fear and hate  then 360s to  overstuffed smash & bash (without the fun of Hulk & Thor) mayhem.

as for this  SNYDER “SHOCKED” FANS DIDN’T GUESS “BATMAN V SUPERMAN’S'” JAW-DROPPING FINALE  depending how you see the ‘end’ of a movie… yes I was surprised… Jaw drop… but not as much as the article says. But that wasn’t exactly the ending! The thing that sucks is I can’t even mention what I kept expecting after it happened.  I will tell you… you may need a tissue.

P.s. I didn’t see a Dawn and not sure if there was any Justice in this…

and now the  I Told  you it would be Rubbish! 


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