Female Centric…

(warning I’m stuck in a rant and I can’t get out!!) but seriously I’m

Really getting sick of this Sh!+

I’m a female and am getting really sick of this Feminist shit leaking into my movies and tv etc. Oh there always has to be at least one woman in this or that, (same goes for having a well rounded bunch of races) honestly I’m sick of all that. Not to mention, the woman actor that was cast is  not always all that great for the action scenes or comedies. Then there are some like Katherine Heigel I think just needs to find a new profession. (Is it really not just me and all her movies have bombed? What about the show she was in did that get canceled?)


Insults, and  disrespect

I forget which announcement came first

That THOR would now be a female in the comics (sacrilege… and some have the nerve to call those of us Asatru, Pagan etc religions heathens!) I certainly hope that means this ‘new’ thor character is now a valkyrie as well? (Norse version of angels) Or are we going to make Odin the allfather a female too? Then with movies…

First they’re going to ruin Ghostbusters…with an all women cast (but is it a reboot or are they remaking the classic?) which means a suck ass comedy like bridesmaids was. Oh and in place of the female secretary.. Chris Hemsworth (ok.. sooo you jackasses pulled me in for my weakness!! but not likely to see it in the theater it only looks worth seeing for free.  Now they are going to ruin, well the title at least of ….The League of Extraordinary GENTLEMAN     league-of-extraordinary-gentleman-reboot-will-be-female-centric.  GENTLEMEN is in the title so what,  all the women will be in drag? Dressed as men, dressed as women?

WTF?! It’s one thing to ruin classics like Poltergeist,  Annie (just saw that last night)   and some others I’ve watched although I did like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Eric Balfour & Jessica Biel in it better. There have been few good remakes of the originals (let alone classics) over the years, one awful one was the new Nightmare on Elm street (I grew up a street from it) and they are supposed to do a reboot. Plus there’s now ‘remakes’ of movies coming to tv or reboots whatever way you want to put it. Like the Scream TV series, which I’ve been following religiously!  I also hear of the Friday the 13th tv series being in the works for the CW! And let us not forget the ENDLESS Lego remakes for EVERYTHING Movies, games and just general toys

But to remake the whole team as the opposite sex instead of as I mentioned above a mixed cast. Please just leave the movies alone. Just remaster them & throw them back up on the screen for those who missed the first time. Honestly I’ve seen some older special FX (like in the original Blob, that looks better than what came out in the 80s! I supposed if they remake it again, that the blob itself would be a CGI piece of dung pie!

What I am trying to get at  as far as Ghostbusters goes,  so far there have been few comedies (male, female or mixed cast)  that have been actually funny. I’m usually told I have a good sense of humor, but these movies are usually idiotic, or the writers just suck (& in none of the fun ways) or the casting wasn’t right altogether or for a few choices and so on. Then there are those that are an amalgamation of them all and then some.  I’ve watched both the previous Ghostbusters movies and ‘League  MANY times; Ghostbusters is a classic, don’t mess with my Stay Puff and Slimer…or my favorite line. As for the League, well I don’t think it did well at the box office and whether you like it or not varies widely. I don’t see why this was chosen to be remade in any fashion, unless it has some cult classic following.


Instead of remakes and revival/reboots with females (or just in general) I have a grand idea;

Write an original script and not rip off previous franchises?   Or if the writers really are out of ideas get rid of them and hire new people, there are MANY writers out there, and for some reason even though their writing is superb and original, publishers won’t bother. How about hiring some of these people or at least taking a look at their works?  If not that, how about using stories from books that way some of the books that are a chore to read, some may go see instead of reading. (Which I would have seen Pride Prejudice and ZOmbies before reading the book! I’ve quit reading it, it’s been demoted to bathroom reading!! (Meanwhile the prequel book to it or sequel was no probem to read) Another thing is some may take notice and actually get into reading, (Like I did after seeing Harry Potter). As a fan of the show ZOO, I found out it was originally a book and that being it’s a network show they can’t show the gruesome parts that are in the book, so SCORE!!! if that was the ploy to having a tv series of it. I just need to find a copy of the book either when I have money, find it in a thrift store or get around to getting it from the library etc. (I do however have piles of books to read around here right now though so it may or may not take a bit for me to get to it, but my book plans for this year are already filled.)

Another idea… Instead of me writing out my damn book… call me!!! I have like 3-4 books I’m working on 1 in which is only notes, another I ditched being as that Ethan Hawke vampire movie came out and I was going in that directing with the story. You’ve heard of Vampire Diaries.. I’ve been writing the Zombie chroicles (diary or journals..)  (which yeah zombies are not original, but I have yet to hear of or see a book, tv show or movie done in that format. Then there’s the main one I’me blocked… which is supposed to be a supernatural mystery (a Ghost story without a ghost sort of thing….)

So as one of my Godsmack tour shirts say

Wake the F***Up

talk to people in schools, Starbucks (hello it’s where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter!), heck even after a movie to find out what they did and did not like about it. Deadpool is the new awesome and sounds like it will likely end up 2nd in box office receipts to Star wars, but then again we are only a few months into 2016…as I write this. My question is will the HOrdes of Warcraft players take down the Marvel mercenaries, and what about the Suicide Squad? Will they turn out to be jsut that? Not with Leto as the Joker… seeing his incarnation (tattoos or not.. he has made it his own) I gasped.. he’s doesn’t look like he was hanging out with Oscar the grouch like Ledger’s did, or look comical like Jack Nicholson’s   I think the look is just the right mix.



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