Mondays on A&E 10pm horror drama

Based on the movie series The Omen.
Here Damien does not seem to remember his childhood until a Damaskus woman grabs his face and memories come back in a flood.

I really can’t make any comments on it after just one episode,so i’ll have to wait at least 1 more week to write this.

Intriging and suspenseful come to mind, however feels a little slow in pace but the dark tone us perfect; I just hope we sink into it like the car in quicksand.

Damien played by Bradley James, who played King Arthur in Merlin who looks more rugged in this. He’s now a photo journalist, in this muddy plot… are we supposed to see him become the Antichrist in this? Barbara Hershey is what I suspect the nanny that cared for him (or maybe his real mother)

Do we really need another devil on on our TV screens…let alone Monday night…Lucifer is my Monday night date, cracks me up. The devil has been in and out of Supernatural’s storyline every few seasons.

I prefer to watch NY shows weekly, unless of course I wait for the video release then I usually watch a disk (3-4 episodes) a day. I think due to the pace, that it’s best to watch either by week or maybe 2 episodes at a time.

Not sure how the scales will tip…this may be a take it or leave it after 3 episodes, or just wait for full season


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