1. PG-13 1:57 Ryan Reynolds

An elderly billionaire who they facing terminal cancer undergoes a ‘shedding’ surgery in which the tycoon’s brain is transplanted to another’s body.  The op is a success but once recovery ends.. He learns more than he’d like about the previous occupant.

I’ve one question for you…did this have at least average to good box office or reviews?

I ask because had I seen this in the theater I’d have told them I either want my money back in that pear beer (I go to Alamo Draft House) they have or I want my money back and put it toward a other movie. I probably would have fallen asleep.. After a time I lost interest, and though I left it on tho finish it..when I looked up from my entertainment…it was on the one hour mark!.. The Netflix sleeve said it was 1:57… But I think it was mor like 90 minutes maybe a tiny but more…

So its not entertaining, basically drags I can’t even think of one good action part (being as the body’s former self was a soldier) though was quick when he took dfiwn as few guys.  A big fat…..F



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