Goosebumps (The 2015movie)

2015   PG   1:43  stars  Jack Black

Based on the popular books by R. L. Stein..Jack Black plays the reclusive author living with his home schooled daughter Hanna.

Zach has moved to small town, Madison, Delaware 1 year after losing his dad and is not at all happy about the move,nuntil he meets Hannah the cute girl from next door.

“Who would lock a book?”

(Well someone with secrets of course!) Or books that magically com to life.

Omg that kid chompers… Err..Champ needs to go away!! He’s so annoying and obnoxious. What is with that …is that a slur or accent Jack Black is doing?

Slappys revenge; hey that would beva good title

Ooh there’s the twist… The daughter isn’t all there…

Well of what I remember of the TV series, I enjoyed those more. This was moderately entertaining, but a decent attempt. It sets up a sequel though I don’t remember it doing well at the theater or with reviews, so not sure if we will get that 2nd movie.

C to c-

all formats available on amazon Goosebumps (DVD + UltraViolet)


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