2015  Pg-13  2 hours  blu-ray

Stars… Jason Clarke, Sam Worthington, Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllanhall, & Keira Knightly also a blink and miss him Clive Standen

Based on the epic true life adventure of 2 climbing parties becoming trapped when a massive snow storm engulfs Mount Everest’s summit.

To start we get a short historical rundown of events.. 1953 first climbers summit Everest, 1992 pioneer of the commercial guide, and 1996 other commercial operations follow.

I knew of Viking’s actor Clive Standen had a role in this but other than the back of the head…I couldn’t find him; however a night or two ago I thought why I had not heard any projects with Sam Worthington nor in a movie lately.. And here he shows up!!

There’s some quite intense parts, however they didn’t make me feel the dire circumstances if the situation.

I liked Jason Clarke’s guide character, they way ge took care of his charges. (The way guides should be with a but of a helping hand, encouragement, and motivation.

Depending how you look at it, you could say there is no happy ending but at the same time there us tho a bittersweet ‘happy’ ending…
I guess Goonies (really) never say die!

I loved the scenery it was absolutely beasutiful and I suppose if I were really there would be breath taking (but then that could just be the cold air). After this I thought I should have waited till the summer to watch it and cool off…(well at least psychologically to try).

I have 1 problem though…there were times if not always…the characters weren’t wearing hats, gloves or face warmers (which i’m sure was mostly so you could see the actors faces). Yeah its supposed to be based on real life but I doubt the real peeps went up without masks


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