Being as my comp crapped out, posts here will be limited to reviews unless I already have some other form if post scheduled.

For those of you that want to keep up with news…follow me in Twitter and Facebook. (On fb..let me know u r a follower of this blog as I get game invites etc.

If any of you follow my other blogs… (See bottom of sidebar). For one i’ll be piusting this announcement to them to n some form, thoughI’ I do have some posts already scheduled.

I am trying to work on those in progress but as this isn’t a comp or laptop, it’s really based to ‘type’ very frustrated as I can only use one finger, the auto correct and for some reason the posts go missing and have to rewrite the post (like furious 7 review,)  5x.

I hope I can find help soon though..I am sort of enjoying the forced ‘vacation’.



Praise, rants & Rage reply here

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