inside out

2015  G 1:40. Amy Pohler Phyllis Smith

“Ever look at someone and wonder what’s going on inside their head?”

Well this movie shows us that, or at least a possibility of it in the imaginative least its a step up from the old angel and devil on you shoulders gag.😈

So THAT’S what happens when we get Brain freeze…😱

So 11 year old happy, goofy, & hockey loving Riley from Minnesota moves with her parents to San Fransisco (doesn’t tell us why as far as I caught but I guess for the dad’s job) and her world is turned upside down. She seems happy to her parents, but is in fact having a bout of depression. I know so as I have had at least 2 bad bouts (& still suffer from) it.

While Joy and sadness are in the further reaches (the archives) of Riley’s mind, fear, disgust, and anger are running the show.

I thought it was quite imaginative story, and liked it but did joy really have to look like  a short haired Marge Simpson fairy?..all she need was wings!!      C+


Cat owners…inside joke for us…watch the cat Before the credits….








5 responses to “inside out

    • I don’t see the big deal with fury road… Didn’t think it was worth the buzz it was given, considering ‘mad max’ shouldn’t gave been in the title… Birdman was cool id say that should be top 5 and inside out was OK but not all that big a deal

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      • I just found Mad Max so compelling as it was made so well and so different from any other film that year. Birdman was excellently made however I wasn’t won over by the storyline.


        • The plot for either of them was lame…but birdman had great performances. Madmax I’d have to look at my review and see if there was anything I liked about it as it wasn’t all that memorable other than the tagline that was played out 3 months before the movie cane out

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