The Visit

The Visit Poster2015       PG-13       1:34  written, Directed & produced by M. Night Shyamalan    (more on The Visit  here )

stars no one I’ve ever heard of  (but then sometimes that’s better)

as for M.Night’s name being with it…I wasn’t sure about it, the last few movies he did, were likely fed to Jaws (or those Gators in the Cape May zoo…) after having such Success  with The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable thank goodness it seems he’s at least coming back, Wayward Pines was a cool show (not sure if it’s coming back for another season though) as well as this, but neither are the ‘masterpieces’ of the aforementioned hits.

This has a reveal but it’s almost expected unlike his great works, but at least it wasn’t garbage like The Happening… (I can’t even remember what The Lady in the Water was, signs I don’t think went well either but this is better than those at least)

now to get to the real point..

A single mom sends off her Son & daughter of 13 & 15 to visit their grandparents in Pennsylvania  which they never met before, for a week. (seriously!!! try a weekend first at least!) The young girl makes a documentary out of the trip which I’d say is a cool idea in ways. It seems the only rule is they have to go to bed at 9:30 (which would suck for me as I am a night owl!)

The kids start to notice the grandparents doing some odd things and not normal old age stuff either. From the trailer I thought it would be sort of Hansel & Gretel because of the oven bit, but no (and I think thankfully I was wrong) I would say Shaymalan did  better with this movie as far as mystery  then he did with those last few movies as I said before. He’s still no where near back to the jaw drops & gasps of The Sixth Sense or Unbreakable.

As for being worth seeing in the theater… I’d probably say for discount day price…maybe for regular General Admin… NO

Rental worthy but it’s up to you for adding to the library.




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