The Final Girls

2015 PG-13 1:31 Malin Ackerman, Taissa Farminga, Alexander Ludwig & Nina Dobrev


Grieving the loss of her ’80s scream queen mother she finds herself and friends pulled into the world of her mother’s most famous movie…”Camp Blood”  (sound at all familiar?) After an accident during a showing of her mother’s movie on the anniversary of her death.

There’s a part Taissa reminds me of Jennifer Love Hewitt in I know what you did last summer.

Camp bloodbath is basically Friday the13th only Jason is billy in this and wears a tiki looking mask that looks froggy to me from afar.

Other than calling it a “spoof parody” I’m not sure how to describe it. Its sort of like gphow scream was self aware and made fun of the genre but in this it’s in a camp (nonpun intended) b-grade sort of way.

I did smile and laugh some while other parts were just silly and shook my head. I give it a C+

For effort and loved the spooky moody tone of landscape( with the church) towards the end



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