Crimson Peak

From the director of Pan & pacific Rim  Guillermo del Toro.

The Trailer I saw with Charlie Hunnam in it

Not sure why they cut Hunnam in the TV ads, IMDB has him listed first (and it’s obviously not alphabetical as Hiddleston comes before Hunnam.)  All I can figure is there’s some sort of secret to his character. Jessica Chastain plays Tom’s jealous sister Lucille Sharp in the movie and he weds Mia’s Edith Cushing (great last name). Oh look at that, someone updated the movies IMDB page to have Charlie 4th in line and oh Jim Beaver  (aka Bobby from Supernatural Crimson Peak trioplays Carter Cushing (Edith’s Dad?)

Here’s another variation on the trailer, that I haven’t seen much of, Posted by Del Toro

and just to show I’m being fair I’m including my friend Rich’s Review (as of posting it I have not watched it…(

I do not agree with waiting for cable…  I saw it in the theater, and aside from most of the creepy horrific shots being in the trailer including the blink & you miss it ‘Red’ (skeleton)  in the closet.  I went mostly with the story and the movie, that creepiness and as Rich says the uneasiness (which I couldn’t figure out how to define at the time) were still there.

I went to see this as the creepy cadence (as well as Tom Hiddleston & Charlie Hunnam) drew me in. I don’t know about the actors, but I can assure you I am one person that belongs to living in that place. So I went to see this in the Alamo Draft house, and I highly suggest that if there is one near you, to go see a movie there. It’s a better viewing experience,  (and if you just get popcorn you get free refills and I think on the soda as well!) they don’t have those annoyances the seats are very comfortable, you can order a meal, and have a beer (if of  age) and that S.O.B. in front of you whose cell phone just lit up… yeah the usher is going to just that with him out the door! No cell phones or like Madonna you;ll be out on your ass! (Sorry but I don’t take kindly to disturbances even during the pre-views!!)

So I had a sample of a Brooklyn Ocktoberfest beer and  before the movie started  there was an ad for Crimson Peak ale w/ hibiscus in it so I asked if they had it and they did and if I could have a taste . It was quite good! Smooth and tasted like a cross between a beer and a mixed drink, so its great for those who are not big beer drinkers (like me)   [more on this at the end]

Have a look, and might I suggest if you have a blu-ray get that if not buy one to watch this movie!Crimson Peak [Blu-ray]

The moody spooky Gothic gothic romance thriller has a powerful sense of of loss and melancholy and portrayed ruins with a vivid sense of dark poetry. A tale of love and death (and maybe even the love that prevails after it)

I believe I saw some victorian touches (but then I am not an expert on the times)  Edith Cushing (played by Mia Wasikowska) sees ghosts. The first was as a child of 10 when her mother died of black cholera and who comes back with a warning

“Beware of Crimson Peak”

Then we skip ahead 14 years to Buffalo,NY  where we meet Charlie’s character who is sweet on Miss Cushing.

Bitch: Our very own Jane Austen to die a spinster

Edith: I’d rather be Shelly, she died a widow.

Edith Meets Tom and he’s smitten and Mr Cushing  hired someone to spy on Sharpe. So what was this information found by the guy? Is there some rap sheet, something happened with his previous endeavors?   Edith marries the  mysterious brooding British aristocrat Thomas Sharpe Baronet and then moves to North of England into the hundred or more years decaying Allerdale Hall known as ‘Crimson Peak’ by the locals due to the red clay that seep through all.  The Mansion (more like palace if not castle) is haunted and atop a barren mountain. It’s 1 part enchanted castle 1 part dark fairy tale with some of the sinister history  and current residents trapped inside  the decaying estate abhorring and scheming secrets of the past.

Wow talk about a snow storm!

Meanwhile I think Edith should have been trying to get Doctor  McMichael played by Charlie Hunnam to open up more. It was so good to hear his voice again and looking so handsome in the old fashion tux. I found the character to be underused in this. But at least now I know the reason for the imagery in the posters above!

Crimson Peak bleeds red clay from the walls, pipes, ground and why baronet Thomas Sharpe is presenting his machine to Mr. Cushing. It so he can get funding to easy this problem not only for him but for the mining industry as well.

There’s an absolutely smashing death scene that’s quite violent.

Over the huge fire place in latin says:   To the hills we raise our eyes and we see a portrait of mother Beatrice Sharpe  who looks quite, strict and cruel.. and therefore the last name.


A Waltz should be so smooth that a candle in the lead’s hand should not go out! – Thomas Sharpe

talk about crimson.. or would that be scarlet? The dress Lucille wears at the reception and that blue one as well (That matches Toms coat)  certainly Avatar Awards Nominee worthy for best costumes.

There’s chilling scratches at a door sounds almost like my cat. Oh and ‘Red’ one of the scene from the trailer. A lot of which the creepy parts are shown so you end up watching more for the mystery and story than what scare there may be in it (The Black ghost for instance).

The beautifully blac melange has many inpired references.

Lucille says ‘I can’t be alone” (I think someone needs a shrink and other mental help as well) but then she’s a jealous, incestuous scitzo of a sis! The character’s inspiration came from the tightly wound Mrs. Danvers in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca and as Mrs Danvers was one with Manderley the mansion in the movie so is Lucille.

Oh Now THAT is MY Proof that the pen is mightier than the sword! (with the right pen of course)

The innocents Jayne Eyre, Terrence Fisher, Mario Bava, Caspar David Friedrich il Gatoopardo  (The Leopard) was studied most for color hormony and design of the waltzing scene.

the siblings were reminded of the novelist Josephine Hart’s famous quote.

Damage people are dangerous; they know they can survive”

then they bust out laughing  as if  it was the most extraordinary summary phrase for the 2.

a mystery which means a bit of a slow burn but not annoyingly so.

a spooky moody mysterious  inverted love story  where each character wants a kind of love from the other they can’t return.

Have a look, and might I suggest if you have a blu-ray get that if not buy one to watch this movie!Crimson Peak [Blu-ray]

Crimson Peak Ale

The Brewing collaborative of Alamo Draft House and Firestone Walker came about of Del toro’s being a fan of what Alamo Draft House does in their theaters as well as a craft beer enthusiast. He embraced the idea for a special beer inspired by Crimson Peak.  After breaking through red tape,  leader Tim League and Alamo Beverage director  Bill Notis head out to Paso Robles for Fire Stone Walker who has been making craft beers since 1996. They are one of the pioneers known for the use of oak  casks  during fermentation and one of 2 breweries who still use the Burton Union wood barrel fermentation system. They are well known for really well made beers in classic styles and usually don’t mess with non-traditional ingredients and flavors in their beers.

The team beforehand decided to anchor the beer with crystal lightmalt, so the hue and flavor  of the hibiscus (that’s what made me want to try it) wouldn’t be mudded up.Only thing how to get the flavor into without over extracting the flower and end up unpleasant.

It’s light bodied and refreshingly tart a perfect compliment for the last warm days of indian summer and early fall.

For the boil they add 50 pounds of hibiscus flowers to the mash, originally came out a sort of muddy brown but once done the proto beer  settled to a nice deep pink  and started to show some floral notes.  The 2nd stage massive amounts of the flowers were added to steel mesh  bags and suspended by steel chains and left to steep like you would tea bags, the wirlpool swirled through them as it cooled. In the end it was a striking red color.

for those of you who craft your own beers it originally went into the fermenter at a gravity (?) to 11.8 and after five days came out a final gravity of 1.6 with an ABC of 5.2% and 3.5 PH the IBU measurement was still being waited on at the time of the October 15th  (of the Alamo Draft House’s magazine in which had the original article I just summarized.) issue 28 “Birth, Death and movies” went to press

Articles etc


here’s a preview I found of it, click to enlarge


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