The Equalizer

R           1:31 minutes                  Stars    Denzel Washington

So Denzel takes on the Russian mob while working at some Home Depot type store (or is that more like a costco? or walmart?) a vigilante  of sorts helping out friends when they are done wrong. I can’t recall a mention of him saying he wasint the military or anything government related but the character he portrays can take care of himself. Heck he’s a one man army! He seems to lead a boring life yet he’s got skills wait why put honey on a wound (especialy after heating said honey?) I think I heard it has antibacterial properties. He also has peroxide on the sink so is that honey like a natural band aid? So I guess this is what happens when a spy retires (not sure if he was but I’m assuming that I missed that memo)  There’s nothing really special about it  and I’ve seen better and some worse and some of the worse actually had better action in it and an actual story though there were a few pluses to this.    C-


The Equalizer available via amazon


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