The Magicians

Syfy   9pm  Fantasy    stars Jason Ralph as Quentin

the series is adapted from Lev Grossman’s fantasy books about students enrolled at a magicschool called Breakbill (at least that sounds like what they are saying to me) . I know you are probably thinking Hogwarts…but you are wrong. This looks nothing like that, the students look more like they are college age but I’ve read they are supposed to be teens. This series comes with a pinch of Narnia particularly going through a wardrobe well in this case a grandfather clock.

The series has been oft described as “Harry Potter for adults” follows 5 teens as they develop and tune their supernatural powers while finding their way in not only the life of our world but theirs in Fillory.

Fillory is the world in which  Quin’s favorite book takes place. There have been a few variations from the books though they have been approved by Grossman, one in which was aging the characters


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