The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

2015        PG 13        2 hrs 12 mins

after escaping the Maze in the original  Thomas & the ‘Gladers’ are put through more tests while on the run and solar flares ravage the planet.

After an escape from where they are taken at the end of the last movie, they go through a broken glass window which leads into a mall, the inhabitants of which I would say are very fast zombies.  Buildings are ruins, and the Golden Gate Bridge is up to its  girders in sand.

I’d say there’s filler, but it’s from a book even when it hit the hour and a half mark it felt too long so just thin of what 2 hours feels like. Just like with the Divergent series… the original was better and the second was a bore. I lost interest in this about half an hour- 45 minutes in.. it was interesting when they were in ‘The Scorch’ and on the run but once they come upon other people and a bit of what looked like Absinthe… it’s not so exciting any longer.

I really can’t tell you anything of this without giving a few spoilers of the climax just before the end  of the movie.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Blu-Ray + DVD + DHD


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