The Gallows

2015  R   1:20 DVD

On the 20th anniversary of a student’s accidental death during a school play the current students re-stage the failed production with more disasterous  results. The idiots broke into the school after hours, invoked the name of the dead kid and wel that’s where you get yourself into trouble. The ending was like Paranormal Activity  so not sure if it was a ghost or some looney tooney co-star of the cast from 1993 posing as the kid. The may or may not be worse than unfriended, but it was definately lame,  they should have had more people and filmed it as a slasher flick instead of the documentary/found footage format

a big ….Fat…. F

If you want to watch for whatever reason…THE GALLOWS via amazon   but  I ask you not to waste your money on buying the disk. Either stream it through your netflix account or wait for it to come on cable. It’s not worth wasting your money (hell even if one of my favorite actors were in it I wouldn’t buy the disk!)


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