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Deadpool Is Now Highest Grossing R-Rated Movie Ever At Worldwide Box Office

Deadpool (2016)
R   108 min  –  Action  |  Adventure  |  Sci-Fi  |  Thriller
A former Special Forces operative turned mercenary is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopting the alter ego Deadpool.
Director(s): Tim Miller
Star(s): Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller and Ed Skrein

So I went to see this at Alamo Draft House and got my dad to come along to see it. I can’t remember what the last movie was we saw together in the theater.  So besides the somewhat better priced (bottomless) popcorn & (refillable) soft drink, not to mention for 21 and older to have a beer (or at least a sample like I do.. this time though I put some of it in my soda! omg The pear beer in Coke tasted like a cocktail! Maybe I’ll call it NTW-short for the teen mutant’s name! )   I love the clips they show before the movies especially for the comics. When I saw Thor there was a music video or 2 of some metal band. Some of the animated show clips and so on. This one had con clips, cartoons and more..

first off.. I’m quite disappointed that Daniel Cudmore is not reprising his role as Colossus as he played it  in the 1st 3 X-men movies.  So I wonder after seeing this (on Tuesday 16, 2016) if this has been the highest grossing movie yet for marvel…  Deadpool Is The Highest Grossing Movie Ever By a First time director!   and is Estimated To Make $55 Million In Second Weekend

For me I don’t really care for what the masses say about a movie as usually if it’s all hyped up like Bridesmaids was… I usually end up very disappointed. (hell the movie mom and I watched and gag laughed at one part…)In the case of Deadpool… I’d agree with Rotten Tomatoes:~Deadpool is a Bloody Certified Fresh Film! and I say it IS definitely WORTH seeing in the theater even for General Admission price! Take the family (just no one under 17!! I think even I flinched a time or 2 at some language & I don’t offend easily let alone complain about language..) 

The credits montage is a joke in itself with Starring.. God’s perfect idiot, gratuitous cameo English villain & my 2 favorites Produced my Asshats and directed by an overpaid tool.  Deadpool Opening Titles Layout Director Reveals How They Came Together

I think there were only 2 parts (maybe 3) of the movie where I (or audience) wasn’t laughing at something. Thank goodness for those breaks though!

As far as the Wolverine origins movie the way they had deadpool in that to this.. I’m guessing this one is what the real deadpool looked like in the comics as I remember there was a bit of an uproar about him from that one. There are jokes in this about Wolverine Origins, Hugh Jackman etc. And as I’ve read about that in the comic Deadpool breaks the fourth wall in the comic to talk to the readers, he does as well in this. I love when shows and movies go meta and all self knowing, I’d say it makes them funnier if its done right which it is here.

Not sure but I could get hanged for this but I think you could say

MORE FUN than the first Avengers movie!!!

again the ONLY thing I am disappointed about was the new Colossus and not Daniel Cudmore as such. Is Colosus supposed to have such an AWFUL Russian accent? It sounds forced and just like bad old movie kind bad accent to me.

So it’s Friday the 19th and last  my channel surfing I came upon the Amazing (or was it Ultimate?) Spider-man cartoon… and which episode was it? The Deadpool one epiosde 2.16 which the clips that I saw in the theater came from. I couldn’t help but shake my head that I lucked out to see the whole thing. (& Damn if it wasn’t as funny as the movie!! lol)


Colossus: Let us go talk to the professor

Deadpool: McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are so confusing

Some things learned about the movie-from this Empire list

Below are some links for assorted fodder




10 Deadpool jokes that didn’t make the movie

Oh keep your EARS open there’s is a pool load of Easter eggs in this!!! WATCH <MOVIE FIRST!!!! There IS a spoiler of sorts…

Over 100 Deadpool Movie Easter Eggs Revealed

Deadpool: Easter Eggs, References & X-Men Connection

Ryan Reynolds Interviews Hugh Jackman, Pokes Fun At X-Men Origins

clues deadpool is really not in Marvel’s universe

I also want the soundtrack and plan on getting the Blu-ray!!



Deadpool featurette: How deadpool’s mask was created 

Ryan Renolds and James Corden Host Deadpool Sidekick Auditions

I CAN’T believe I just saw this headline.. Petitions Call For Deadpool Statue in “the Town That Rhymes With Fun”


Merc With A Movie: The 16-Year Odyssey of the “Deadpool” Film

Deadpool was Number One In Sixty Out Of The Sixty-One

Deadpool” Director Tim Miller Was ‘Horrified’ When the Test Footage Leaked

5 Ways “Deadpool” Flipped the Superhero Movie Script

James Gunn Explains How “Deadpool” Could & Should Impact the Future of Superhero Films

Sorry “Deadpool” Fans — There Willl Be No Director’s Cut

Avatar’s” Stephen Lang Wants To Bring Cable to “Deadpool 2”



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