Northmen: A viking saga

2015    R  1:37     Period Adventure  **Ryan Kwanten Tom Hopper Ed Skrein  more

A group of Vikings in the 9th century is approaching Britain to plunder the rich monasteries in the North Island. During a storm their ship gets smashed to pieces off Scotland. The daughter of the Scot King falls into their hands and the opportunity for a handsome ransom. The king sets his wolf-pack of mercenaries known for their savagery on them.

Well it’s definitely NOT the show Vikings these guys have been outcast and to get away from the  mercinaries they must trust a christian Monk (Kwanten) who is a warrior himself. At least this wasn’t an insult like the one that Dominick Purcell was in That makes Thor out to be a bad guy (hello idiots. he’s the protector of men and midguard… in which you live) watch for the adventure and action, it’s ok and some of the fighting is pretty cool.

I’ve always been interested in Norse mythology, culture and history to some extent throughout my life. So when I say the movie was ok… I mean as it wasn’t great like the show and didn’t make me feel insulted as one who celebrates their Gods and such. If you are a fan of the show Vikings… well it’s not as exciting as that but it’s not a horrible movie that the main print (file?) should be burned (or deleted & electronic storage item burned) like

watch/order via amazon Northmen – A Viking Saga


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