Magic Mike XXL

2015  R 1:50  Matt Bomer, Chaning Tatum, Joe Magianello, Jada Pinkett Smith

The raunchy sequel is back with a road trip of our strippers going to a convention in Florida.  Jada fills the role of Maconahay’s Dallas, who just up and left the guys (forget the story there but it’s not really a big deal). I liked Jada’s madame better than Matt. This was was a waste of time to watch. The storyline is worse to me than the first one, it’s mostly so we can just oggle the guys which didn’t do as much as they did in the first movie. I can remember parts of the first movie, the only thing from this I can remember is the part from the trailer and another i don’t think was in it (a home gathering is all I will say with one of the guy’s friends.)


MB:   “Don’t say his name, don’t give him that power”

JM: He’s not freaking Voldermort

rent or Order via amazon Magic Mike XXL  (but the original is more worth the money Magic Mike (DVD)


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