2015      PG-13    1:34     St*rs  Norman Reedus   Djimon Hounsou & Sandra holt

With earth’s air no longer breathable two engineers in an underground bunker become care takers of the cryogenically preserved humans there in and the last hope for the human race.


27 minutes in  I don’t recall what the reason of the air not being good is if mentioned at all . The charaters try to keep their sanity  during isolation with chores during their shift  after 6 months asleep. I don’t see how this movie got these two actors, especially Norman reedus who I’d say is an ‘A’ (or B) list actor and this movie is so D list but without these 2 the movie would certainly be an F.  The movie isn’t even worth seeing for the actors. There’s not enough of dramatic building or tension. I would swear a couple sheets of the script flew away as to me there seemed to be no actual plot but then that could be because it’s such a cliched premise, not even a twist.


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