2014         Not Rated      1:40     stars    Joel Edgerton        Tom Wilkinson &    Jai Courtney

Detective Mal (Edgerton) accidentaly hits a kid (looked more like a graze to me) leaving the boy in a coma.

A Senior Detective covers it up and his partner Jai’s Character wants to unravel it all .

Basically it’s a person’s struggle with their conscious and whether to do the right thing.

There’s just enough tension that you can feel it but sadly for me the movie I feel never hits a climax.

Mal doesn’t come clean to the higher ups, get investigated by I.A. or even goes to court. It’s just basically left to your imagination, or just a silent shot of jai Courtney watching him. Yeah keep them wanting more; I get it, but this felt more like 2 thirds a movie than keeping me wanting more… I’ve watched movies with endings that felt like they were done but still left me wanting more… I want a damn ending!  D

There was one thing I DID like… a quote from the Senior Detective….

“Prison is for Pricks who don’t ahve their punishment up ::poining to head:: here”

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