The Boondocks Saints double feature

boondock 11999                unrated special edition              1:50   order via amazon  The Boondock Saints (Unrated Special Edition)

starring Norman Reedus &  Sean Patrick Flannery as twin brothers Murphy and Connor who set out  to cleanse the world of evil  which in this case would be offing Boston crime syndicates. Williem Dafoe co stars as an openly gay FBI agent assigned to investigate their activities. While the brothers are doing business we don’t see them in the act until the cops are on the scene and piece together what likely happened. Willem Dafoe as a gay man in this is (i would think to gays maybe) comedicly  insulting, now whether that would be good or bad… I’m not really sure, butI enjoyed his performance with the sporadic ‘flares’ and sass he displayed, to me he was a hoot. As for Norman Reedus, OMG look at the baby face, I can’t see hi, in this as a badass though he’s supposed to be, he looks more badass in Waking Dead.

  While I enjoyed the movie, somewhere between the middle and end of the movie I lost interest. Even though the sequel is on its way.  Maybe I saw too much B.S. or felt like it veered off its path, or maybe I wasn’t in the mood for the movie to start with. Whatever the case may be, I’m not really sure but I can give at least a B to the first half of the movie .            Incomplete


Boondock Saints ll: All saints dayBoondock-Saints 2Poster

2009    R  1hr 57 minutes Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery reprise their roles of twin brothers Murphy and Conner. This time our beantown vigilantes are framed for the murder of a priest (as if they’d do that). They are hiding out in Ireland with their Pops played by Billy Connelly when even in the movie the father says you can see the twitch as if something was
calling them back to ‘work’.
Julie Bentz (Darla from Buffythe vampire slayer) plays FBI agent who I can’t stand & not sure if it’s the southern accent, or the way they did her shots maybe it’s too much hair whipping and such. Something I’m sure a respectful FBI agent wouldn’t do. She comes off more like a hussy then an FBI agent and could be why I found the character to be obnoxious.

There’s some scenes I felt were overly (and maybe some underly) acted especially the part with the bar when someone rolled out a cart with someone on it… you can tell the stunt guys are not falling naturally I saw one trying to catch his fall with his foot.

This wasn’t as much fun as the first, plus I felt there was some B.S. filler the only thing was the ending in the garden.



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The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day available on Amazon



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