Hot Tub Time Machine 2

2015  R  1:33


This sequel to the odd form of time machine finds  Lou in a bind that can only be fixed with time travel. When he and his buds try to go to their past, they end up in the future instead. The original cast minus John Cusack is back.I his place is Adam Scott which is supposed to be Cusak’s son (or some other descendant) He’s jsut a freaking idiot from the future and bascially “stupid human pet tricks’

The Hot tub does not take you where you want to go but where you need to go.

Chevy Chase makes an appearance and  Christian Slater as a game show host… which I’m not sure if he as the host or the game show is more disturbing!


definitely not funny, and not even minimally amusing they need to lose the bald guy  if there’s a next one


a Big….FAT       D




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