Paranormal Activity:Ghost Dimension

2015       R      1:32


The Malfarious (Malicious & Nefarious) spirit is back while Uncle Mike comes for a visit during the 2013 holiday season. He finds an old (big ass) home video camera and some tapes in a box of paints.  The camera is an acid trip of blur, color & flares, even with a regular camera if there’s no natural light coming in this would mean there’s some sort of otherworldly (spirit) interference.

They come to learn the camera is a custom job. It films something that looks like dirt  floating around. There is a part or 2 where the black shadowy spirit makes me think of a misty ‘Groot’. Unlike this effect of the spirit which looks like a tar like goo… others are not so good, like the part where the house (or that particular room) is shaking and you see the frames shaking and it’s not how they would normaly shake. It looks like someone just strung them together behind the set & shook them by pulling on a wire.


This I think would have been a bit better if it left off on the ‘high’ note where I think it had climaxed  with the father and the ghost, but no.. it goes on into the ghost dimension and ends up just being really lame in that scene. If they had ended it where I think they should have I would have been willing to give it a C but no… I’m giving it a D-


The novelty of the series and it’s jump scares have worn off (though there is one close up that made me jump, but it was one of those you may as well in real life) they should have stopped after the first 2 movies.


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