PG-13   Marvel Studios  1:57  stars Paul Rudd   Evangeline Lily Michael Douglas & Michael Pena


Fresh out of prison Scott Lang  is approached in a round about way  by Doctor Pym, the creator of shrink technology that shrinks a man to insect size. Together they protect the discovery and world with the “Pym particle’ A few times in the movie I’ve heard them say “Tales to astonish’ and for those of you that do not know I believe that’s the (series) comic Ant-man originally debuted in.

” I wasn’t stealing anything; I was returning something I stole”

(loved that line…)

Ha! ‘Freckles’ or so Josh Holloway called Evengeline Lily’s character in Lost is totally kick ass. There’s a certain (new) Avenger that pops up in this and its a favorite if not my main favorite part of the movie.  That keychain… watch it carefully that was a surprise.  I love the little girls room toward the end that is a favorite part of the movie as well.

As far as if it was worth the hype… I’ll say its not as fun as Avengers or  funny like other previous marvel movies. I think it was just a bit above the Thor movies (which I still want to know WHY the Thor movies are only AVerage (if not lower quality) than Iron man, Avengers & Captain AMerica movies?) I’m surprised that with paul Rudd playing it, they didn’t have his character as more of a goof ball (but then again remember I haven’t read the comics) but then again I guess that will be what we may get with Deadpool.

I remember in Entertainment Weekly’s Bullseye they had this as the bulls eye with the words…

Tiny Guy Big Fun… but for me it was only medium or mild fun…

I would give it a b but no more

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