Cooties is a fictional childhood disease, used in the United States of America and Canada as a rejection term and an infection tag game or an actual game for learning your numbers   

from the Cootie game I grew up with



2015     R      1:28

Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Jerry Garcia more cast

Elementary School students fall prey to the (cliche) virus that transpforms them into cannibalistic blood thirsty sociopath
ts’ (more like Rage virus zombies…)  The few uninfected pupils and faculty try to escape while the infection spreads.

There’s one line something about sneaking around like a hobbit and something about an Ork.. that cracked me up.

I don’t know about horror movie, it was more funny than scary but then again… I’m guessing teachers and other educational professions might feel this way on a daily basis depending on the class (especially the poor subs!) It’s enjoyably morbid and well maybe just wrong in a few ways and might likely make you think twice about eating school food. (I always browZi Approved MOVIEn bagged it, or when in High School went down to the stores the ONLY school food I ate was the friday pizza in grade school, the sealed cookies & cream ‘shakes’ that were so frozen You were lucky if you even got to eat it and tater tots! LOVED the school tots!)  If you are vegan.. this IS the reason you are, or have just become one after watching the movie!   it’s a fun ‘cheeky’ horror comedy… horredy?    (do they use that like they do with dramedy?)  a big fat B
Cooties available via Amazon video on DVD or Blu-ray


also so far I think will be on the Best rentals of 2016


2 responses to “Cooties

    • that poll daddy link didn’t work.. I just got a bunch of text… I still have the cootie game we played with at my nana’s! it’s in our storage room… the box is alittle messed up and one of the cootie heads I think has a tounge stuck in it. I miss when my nana would watch me (or I would visit whatever it was) I remember she’d make me the oodles of noodles soup, we’d play games go for a walk etc


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