What side are you on?   ‘Collaborate or Resist?>

Thursdays @10 on USA  stars Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost) & Sara Wayne Callies (yes from Prison Break & THe Walking Dead) & from Carlton Cuse Exec. Producer of Lost


The ‘hybrid’ sci-fi spy series (or as EW put it SPy-fi) Holloway plays Will Bowman a former (I think) FBI agent living on the d.l. as a mechanic. He lives with his family in L.A. now occupied by some  unknown presence  (I’m pretty sure alien)  and oppressive force. The proxy (I guess like a mayor or govenor) drafts him to infiltrate a resistance group. Will is torn between two bad choices.

His wife Katie payed by Sarah Wayne Callies I believe is part of this resistance group. She goes about trying to find supplies, and no longer use of money they are back to bartering goods. 

There’s no flashback story as to when the presence came and why the community is oppressively governed. Law enforcement wears all black with red trim.. I’m guessing Hitler has been reborn as one of these aliens and oddly get the feeling I’ll be seeing parts that will remind me of the original 1980s series ‘V’  (which is very good and did not need that sacrine, bleached out update) We don’t get to see any aliens in the first episode but we do get to see a pretty cool light show from them!

There’s a big wall cutting them off from some other part of California, (or maybe it’s the rest of the U.S.)  but if it is only california I’m not sure if that oter side is going through what the main family’s is yet. One seems to want to work with and collaborate, while the other rebels. What do you do when there’s a mole in your own family?

So far I’m enjoying the mystery, bit of action and other goings on in this series. I did get a laugh out of a dialog between Will and wife

Will: Your daddy was jealous of my motorcycle….and my hair

Katie: We’re all jealous of your hair

(it may have more been the look after this was said but i appreciated the playful joke.)

This may be the show Holloway could thrive in, (I do still wish  Intelligence; the last show he was in, would have done well. I thought it was a nice action thriller to it. He was a high tech intelligence operative or in other words… he was basically a computer but not robocop

Catch up here Colony, Season 1

more here


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