Legends of Tomorrow

Thursdays      CW     8pm   **Brandon Routh,    Dominick Purcell, Wentworth Miller,  Victor Garber  Caity Lotz  

and in a note of irony Rory from Doctor WHo!!…Arthur Darvill  to lead themas Rip “I was a time master once”

The first epiosde’s pacing was good, time went faster (no pun intended) than some inaugural premiers of shows, between set up, intros etc. but then we have already met them in Arrow and The Flash (I do hope however somehow Constantine will be able to show up a few times here)

The group of heroes and villains travel through time in a bid to prevent Vandal Savage (played by Casper Crump…what a name) from taking over the world . The time traveling rules are the same as  Back to the future:

  1. Don’t mess with the past  otherwise you pay the consequenses
  2. 2. You can’t return to the same time you’ve changed (..and I think there was a twice in there)

I do know of a spoiler coming up ( for the 6th epsiode)

I’m a bit annoyed as I had this finished, and I have to try to remember & retype some of the stuff I already wrote about it. BUt then this may be a good thing as well.  While I like the show in ways, I don’t at the same time… what are the reasons.. I’m still trying to figure those out.

Maybe its that when all the heroes (& the 2 villains) are battling it out all at once… something doesn’t seem right. Maybe the FX are the reason maybe its because some of the characters sound a bit whiny at time. (The only that i can remember hasn’t… would be Capt. Cold played by Wentworth miller with oh how to describe that slow ‘purr'(?) drawl he uses for the character. Dominick Purcell’s heat wave. The rest of them… (other than Duvall showing up) I’m not really happy with esp. the fact that firestorm.. is NOT played by Robbie Amell (but thankfully he will be back in the Flash as Deathstorm!)

For those that don’t know much about the characters (I haven’t read the comics) Hawk boy & girl are originally from Ancient Egypt when they were originally killed by Savage during an astroid (or was it meteor) storm. There’s only one weapon that can kill saves & only hawkgirl can kill him with it. Vandal Savage is immortal, each time over the (I think it’s been) 4000 years he has killed the 2 lovers each time ( so I’m guessing if he doesn’t kill them that he may lose the immortality)

I was never crazy about Caity Lotz even on Arrow… I just couldn’t get into her character and still can’t don’t like ‘her’ (not sur eif its her acting or the character but something just isn’t flying with me when it comes to her)

Victor Garber as Dr. Martin Stein is enjoyable and even gets some cool lines, I’ll be sad he’s no longer on the Flash (but hey this is a spin off of both flash & Arrow so hopefully likely we’ll get the occasional cross overs! (I’d love a 3 night one that goes through all the shows)

As for Brandon Routh… well all I see really the BAD casting of Superman returns… that and thoguh I saw him in Arrow as the Atom, well I still think it’s ripping off Ant-man.. though the parts with him fighting in Atom size, kinda gave me a laugh cause I didn’t realize he was and I was thinking why are these bad guys looking like they walked into an invisible beam.

So far Its  a B

and have read that ratings are good.

more info   * Legends of Tomorrow Celebrate Arthur Duvall’s Doctor Who Legacy

Legends of Tomorrow

Catch up with amazon DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1


if you want to know… highlight it

Arrow will be in it in some fashion, but it’s HOW Arrow will look that is the spoiler~


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