Shannara Chronicles

Tuesdays 10pm  MTV    Adaptation (based on Terry Brooks’ book series)   ** Manu Bennett       John Rhys-Davies

Poppy Dreyton

If you like elves and such fantasy fodder then this is an adventurous escape for you (especially before bedtime.. though I’m not sure if it’s ok for the kiddies) A tree of the elves that imprisons demons is dying and as the leaves fall the demons trapped within are released. The last Druid Allonon (played by Bennett) wakes to help with the problem. While John Rhys-Davies plays the king of the elves Eventine Elessedil, and Popp;y Drayton as his granddaughter (I think) Amberle Elessedil a princess and one of the chosen. She sets out on a journey with Wil (played by Austin Butler) a halfling Human elf throughout th 4 lands to save the dying magical tree that protects the realm from demons. 

Filmed in New Zealand they have beautiful panoramic shots, they pop and can’t help but look with wide eyed fascination. The imagination is most impressive and sort of Lord of The Rings like, just brighter in tone and with a love story mixed in.

I haven’t read the series but so far the show is ok especially the scenery as mentioned. There are some slow parts so the show feels as long if not longer than it is. I think this one is a good one to DVR if you have the service.


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Shannarah Family tree  & Map



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