Snacking Entertainment

Being as the Superbowl is what .. a week away I thought those of you that might not want to gorge yourselves with all that fatty food might like an alternative! There’s a variety of healthy tasty snacks. You can even get 5 packages for $25 I think it’s the snacking or party pack. There’s also 4 & 8 snack boxes available themes depending on your diet and so on.. So I hope you will read on

Multiscreen MoTVision

1 Graze codeClick  and Get your 1st & 5th boxes free!

Couch potato season is here

So what do we all do while watching our entertainment? We snack, otherwise known as ‘Grazing’.  Some of us are trying to watch what we eat, be eat an allergy, a dietary must (like Diabetes) or just dietary lifestyle, and then there’s those who just don’t know portion control. We watch a movie with a big bucket of popcorn; and at the theater without the butter on it, it may be the only healthy option. Watch the Superbowl in parties (or just sit & veg out making it an ‘off day’ and just pig out)

I thought to share my find! Why did I title this Snacking Entertainment? Because the flavors entertained my taste buds while I watched something on tv.

A short time ago, I saw an ad in a magazine or something for the…

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