Second Chance

Fox Wednesdays @ 9pm est. ### Rob Kazinsky, Tim DeKay

THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE (working title): THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE (working title) premieres on FOX. Rob Kazinsky as Jimmy Pritchard. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE (working title): premieres on FOX. Rob Kazinsky as Jimmy Pritchard. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Originally titled Frankenstein code (I don’t know why they changed it, I find that a more interesting title than lame old boring Second Chance)

The series will be in the mold of a crime of the week drama with the ongoing bigger plot of Kazinsky’s modern day Frankenstein (not so monster) being the possible cure for the genius’ Looking Glass CEO sister’s cancer, another is the Second Chance to make things right with his son. (Who I’m guessing will eventually think that the now reganerated pop is a half brother)

Of course we start the show with elder Prichard, a retired sheriff  sitting in his chair in his rob (really someone that age would were that bright of green & yellow together? All I could think was ‘mellow yellow’ when I saw that…So now I have a nickname for the OLD version of the Elder Prichard in which Rob Kazinsky plays the new regenerated body of.

He’s not only cracky but he could be in 3rd sequal titled ‘Grumpiest’ old man’. While holding a dossier, he son comes buy and takes it from him. The Elder Prichard growls (or was that more a grunt..) at his son that he could have already solved that case or something to that effect. Do a better job etc.  Amusing he is in that gruff sort of way and his granddaughter though told to stay in the car wants to come say hi. To my surprise it’s the cute, not so little anymore girl that played the sister of one of the guys in Big Time Rush. (Yes I have watched that show, when nothing else was on and boy band or not… I found it silly funny and entertaining)

So we have to get on with how Mr. Prichard meets his end cause if he doesn’t then we don’t have a show. The show rolling he meets his demise and ‘Through the looking glass’ technologies procures the body somehow and without all that patchwork  jigsaw puzzlery of body parts whip up a modern day Frankenstein. The cells are regenerated but from what he looks like in flashes of his youth, looks like a totally different person jsut with the same brain. And you could say still a dirty old man.

Wait is that Kaz.. I mean Rob Kazinsky’s american accent? Sounds weird but I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything since True Blood Oh wait.. I should say since he was on that game show Zakary Levi hosts on Syfy ) Looks like he’ll need to take a ‘nap’ every 12 hours… or maybe I should say go for a flaot in the think tank.

The second episode is funny and mildly morbid with a variety of  jokes, one in which comes after Kazinsky’s regenerated Prichet being hit by a car.

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3 responses to “Second Chance

    • I quite enjoyed it but something tells me that its going to just be the one season. This & Lucifer were part of the Top 5 most hated shows (not sure why for 2nd chance…) but funny thing is Lucifer has been renewed for next season! as long as one of them is renewed I’m happy, and well Lucifer freaking cracks me up.
      (though I’m made I won’t get to watch Kaz on tv 😦 there’s always the Warcraft movie but he’s one of the orcs or is it an ogre..)


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