Hotel Transylvania 2

2015  PG  1:22  BluRay    Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez  Kevin James, Steve Buchemi    More cast

So the human Jonathan and Drac’s daughter Mavis have a Monster wedding…Literally as well as in size.   The veil is cool made of spider silk in a web pattern.  Once they’ve been married, living int he castle and have the kid Dennis (or as Drac calls him Dennisov) … It’s the little one that makes this movie fun.

Not to mention once or twice quotes a certain Baby Dinosaur

Approaching his 5th birthday, Dennis still seems human. If he doesn’t fang out by his birthday then he won’t become a vampire. Late & Little fanger jokes ensue. Dracula does all he can to help the kid’s fangs to drop, and  might I note Dennis’ Batman obsession (mmm reminds me of another young boy across the street from me… maybe he’ll turn into a vampire too!).

He remembers he or Mavis needed them scared out the Drac pak go on a little field trip to do their thing,

“we don’t need to kill anymore… we have pop tarts”

 from Wolfie Ralph

the old vamp camp may as well be the Cullen Clan.  We get to meet Vampa Vlad and that Gremlin lady.. that was just WRONG! You don’t do that to a kid…even if he may be a monster.

I think this was more fun than the first but then I haven’t seen that in awhile, an the bits are funnier (or at least in this house they seemed so)      C+

You can view it or order the blu ray or dvd here    Hotel Transylvania (+ UltraViolet Digital Copy)




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