Ted 2

2015        R         1:55         ** Mark Wahlberg , Amanda Seyfried & Seth McFarlane (voice)        more


The foul mouth uncouth and immorally inclined bear is back. This time his life is made a mess as the government metaphorically ripping the stuffing out of him.  Um.. was the musical menagerie not even at the actual reception really neccessary? I can see as  day dream for maybe 30 seconds but not as long as it went.. was funny the first second or 5 then it wasn’t because it went on too long. The Trix customer! obviously hoping a few cameos will help its reviews I guess (not this one) 22 minutes in and so far I’ve seen most of it in the trailer (which was maybe a little funny the first time or 2 seeing it)

As I mentioned the funny stuff is taken too far.. or maybe I should say long and what ruins the jokes. Even the Trix joke became tired. The moment in the field yes another song but Snow white like… animals show up but taken too far a Lobster, a monkey really? What freaking monkeys run around freely in the states that ARE NOT in the zoos?Yes While I know movies are fake this was sort of aside from Ted supposed to be in the real world In Boston and partially in NY for a small time.

For me the best gag was at the end, and you didn’t even get to see but only hear it. I nearly gagged but was cracking up.

So SKIP IT   D+ (& the + is only for those few parts mentioned and NOT in the trailers) otherwise you’ve seen the whole movie in the trailer!



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