2015   R 1:39  stars Ed Helms, Christina Applegate & Chris Hemsworth


The credit montage has someone in it I swear is a picture of someone I know! Talk about a doppleganger!

Welcome to the next generation of the Griswald clan. Rusty is now a pilot, has a pretty wife (applegate) and 2 sons 1 a total dork who gets bullied by his little brother, and the little brother he’s the cool one and acts more like the older bro.

So far the only thing good about this movie was Chris Hemsworth in it. (Blush much?)

Well there was at least one thing I was surprised to see CAMEO!!! (the truck driver) well it’s fitting as he still looks like (oops won’t ruin it)  and man Chevy Chase has not aged well…

everything worth seeing the movie for was in the trailer so really what was the point? Not to mention that ‘blushing’ scene of Hemsworth was in a trailer but was on to next part of it so fast I didn’t know the reason.


this one is a full on skip it!    F


another opinion needed?


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