2015  R  1:23  stars Alexander Skarsgard     More on IMDB.com

An american family has been living in a bomb shelter avoiding what looms about outside for 301 days. Now their hidding place has been breached (all because of a rat …you’ll get the joke if you watch it) but what is coming for them?

The daughter keeps mentioning and is afraid of something called ‘the breathers’, everytime I hear this all I can do is think of guys in hazmat suits. The only explanation to this world is some virus (but nothing more than that) we get some flash backs to how they got where they are but nothing as to how the virus got out or how contagious it is.  I don’t think a ‘virus’ would make their world look like that, oh wait that’s why ok.

I do like how Daddy skarsgard tells the kid stories of course its the dad that calms the her and the mother makes her  anxiousness and panic ridden. They like in Zombieland abide by 4 or 5 rules they made up. One of them is not to lose control, another is to keep quiet (so they won’t be found) and the rest I forget.  That’s a bit of a twist tho’ there’s no surprise in it.

Not really boring but at the same time it is. I guess I just can’t take seeing the same setting through a whole movie, so in that way it is. The mother is not likable, from neither a child’s point of view or this adult’s.


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