My 2015 Best Of Movies & TV list

Its the end of the year and I thought to hold you over til the avatar awards ‘air’, that I’d do a best of list.

(I don’t know what happened but this was supposed to publish December 30th so a little late & a bit of a teaser before the Avatar Awards ‘air’

Terrific TV

#1 best show of 2015… Blindspot

The Walking Dead season 6 has been its best yet

Undateable LIVE

Scream – it had the same air as the movies did and felt like it was new (as if i had never seen the movies i mean)

Quantico -enjoying the mystery thriller

as well as  Young & Hungry,

Ash vs Evil Dead  – the camp cult horror comedy just as silly as I remember

Game… Geeks who drink



Thrilling Theater

in no specific order

I really haven’t been to the theater much but of what movies I wanted to see from the first half of the year I got on rental
The Kingsman:Secret Service which came out this year (feb 2015) and I quite enoyed that one (was better than any of the Daniel Craig Bond movies)
Usually I don’t find comedies from hollywood funny especially when it’s women in it but Hot pursuit was quite fun.  Oh and The Duff basically a teen comedy was another (and maybe a bit awkward but in a good funny way)
San Andreas the action thriler that maybe for some should have noted as a natural disaster horror as well that if you get motion sickness you should take that pill (I don’t get it but wish I took one before watching it)
The movie was better than I thought it would be! And though it’s not noted as a horror movie… it pretty much terrified me! (I was getting an anxiety attack and almost a panic attack!  Went through one small quake as a kid and I don’t want another on any scale)
The Pyramid  I don’t recall if it was from 2014 and I just saw it this year (cause it came out the last few months of 2014) but this was better than As Above So Below.. MUCH better. Both pretty much the same idea only this was actual horror while As above should more have been marketed as an adventure.    another  Horror movie It follows was an interesting take on an STD as well as another I think was called Contracted. (I don’t recall if I liked the movie but the creative concept of them I did.

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