2016 Biblio bound Reading List

This year… my Challenge will consist of  reading (cross out means done)

  •  a book series (in Full, or a minimum of just 2-3 books from the series. (however MUST be in succession)
  • read a trilogy
    *anthology (various authors)
    *With a letter of the alphabet in the title
    *Supposed to have read in School
    *Your choice theme
    *Book with a Number in the title
    *a book with magic
    *Book with a Color in the title
    *a Book to movie adaptation (like Pride Prej. and zombies)


Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own AutobiographyNeil Patrick Harris choose your own
starting: January 1st -Jan 13

Genre: Autobiography, Humor, GLBT

Challenge Theme:Autobiography

Format: Choose your own
Order from Amazon Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

I’ve kept track of the parts I’ve read in case anyone else is interested in reading the parts I did or wants to read a completely different variation of the book.

my choices have been choose happy childhood-8

Read optimism speech & onto the start learning magic after that. (even teaches you a trick!!)  14

then well getting lazy instead of writing out what it went to I just noted the pages…

40-44,    46-66    115    124      102    94

107 How Neil & his husband David met & David made annotations on the pages. (he seems like a cool guy, and equally funny)

I have so far much enjoyed skipping around, reading the parts I’m curious about and so on. The book is written from the point of view as if YOU, the reader is Neil, though there are spots where it doesn’t seem so.  It’s smooth flow, witty and interesting.  Keep in mind, if you ever get a chance to meet him… Don’t call him Doogie or ‘your’s the guy that played doogie’. While yes there is a fondness for the character I can see how an actor (even before reading this) would get annoyed etc about being called the name of his character (especially over and over, but people still seem to do it!! and that was the late 80s early 90s people!)

see the full review in the post

Pride Prejudice & ZombiesPride and Prejudice and Zombies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, #1) by Seth Grahame-Smith

started…  January 16 – Feb

DNF = did not finish

Book Challenge theme: a book made into a movie

The chapters so far are short, and the text semi-smooth but a fairly easy read. It feels like it picks up then loses steam to me.. I am still trying to get through it but doesn’t mean its bad, it’s because I’m being a naughty girl & being distracted playing games on my kindle! (I KNEW it would be a bad idea for me to get)

for those of you that have yet to see the movie adaptation, a friend (& the only person’s opinion I respect when it comes to movies) was not happy with the movie.

Has been DEMOTED to Waiting & Bathroom fodder~~~~ scratch that…I’m just going to forget about it. Sad though as I had no problem reading the prequel a couple years ago.


 Darkness Raging

Darkness Raging (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon, #18)
by Yasmine Galenorn

Started: February 14th -March 19

Challenge theme: Paranormal/Supernatural, Magic, Fantasy, Non-human creatures)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

We start with the girls sitting around waiting for a call from anyone that has seen any activity. One way or another be it from FH-CSI or this call they would still get the call to go out and take care of the creatures that come through the rouge portals from Otherworld.

Telazar (sp) has been upping the ante each time he sends his bone walkers etc. through the portals. The Dragonkin have joined the fight in otherworld.

Ready Player OneReady Player one

by Ernest Cline

372 pages

Genre Sci-fi, Adventure, Fiction

Started March 21    Finished April 13
Challenge theme: book with a number in it, adapted to movie    (learn about the upcoming movie )

My Goodreads updates

Sci fi fans and those who grew up in the 1980s will enjoy this.”

“Adventure yeah…a smooth read and man do I have to look up some of the 80s pop culture (esp. Some of the did games) in here. Titles sound familiar but don’t remember premise”

“I can’t stop reading, but at the same time I don’t want to finish the book! (It’s fun great for anyone that is or has been a ‘gamer’ or geek of any sort.”

The search for the Jade key…sounds a bit legend of Zelda, or just me?”

Wade Watts  our main character and narrative host who is a ‘Gunter’; an hunter of a video game easter egg that will change the life of whoever wins it. The story is a plethora of 1980’s pop-culture nostalgia.  with a 70s topping & a sprinkle of decades after.

Read the Full Review here  (when Finished)


April/ May

Lover Enshrined

Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6)by J.R. ward

Date Started: April  15 -June 14

Challenge Theme:  your choosing, book series

Genre Paranormal Romance

Book #6 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series  this one is on Phury  the celibate  brother with the  multi colored mane of hair .

Picks up 5-6 months after last books as  it’s mentioned Cormia has been at the mansion for that amount of time now. Phury having John hang out with her and teacher about this colorful world (the otherside where the chosen live EVERYTHING is white).

Lash finally takes things too far with John, who attacks him but fails and Quhinn steps getting in trouble. The Omega is looking for his son who is planted among the brotherhood’s trainees. So who is it? I think we may have figured that one out when the program started!~ he’s rushed to Haver’s clinic while Quinn is stuck in a limbo of sorts, kicked out of his family and may get death should Lash die.

140-41 Flashback to when he left home

This is a story of Addiction and recovery as well as evolution (in a sense) the evolution of a races traditions and that some need to be stopped or the race will no longer be.

We not only learn more about Phury but his brother as well, and more about how the species tranditions.

Not my favorite of what I have read of the series so far, but I think that’s obvious considering it took me 2 months to finish it. At least  if I’m good girl & can catch up as I’m 3 books behind schedule maybe I can get to reading Rhev’s book at the end of the year.

For Full review the-black-dagger-brotherhood-by-j-r-ward/


The Vampire Hound

by Jim Kraft

Start Date:  June 15 -?

Challenge Theme:  Your Choice                 Pages: 191      age :Children

Genres: Action, suspense,  humor

I stumbled upon this at a thrift store and thought I could read it and give it to one of the kids in my neighborhood. Another thing is, I am reading it to ‘cheat’ and get caught up on my reading challenge of I think 20 books for the year.

Barksdale happens to be a gentle vampire living in Victorian London, who  uses his fortune to help the poor.

Keeping his secret to a select few, his comfy existence is threatened when a Vampire hunter arrives in London and the hound is his target. Supposed to be action packed of suspense and humor as well. So it started off slow so I had a hard time but becomes more interesting and therefore picks up about halfway through. The story is cute and all the ‘people’ are animals there’s a family of rats,  a ferret & Bear and a few other minor characters.


Super What?Super What? by Jax Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

age: YA     Format: Paperback    Genres: Humor, Fantasy, romance

Started:   ? Finished    July 19           Challenge theme: Your choice

Quick read to catch up on my reading challenge.
Jessie is the teen daughter of a couple of Superheroes, and lost her dad 2 years ago. He mom has basically checked out since then leaving her to take care of he lil sis Chloe.

The 15 year old Jessie not only has to deal with normal puberty which is bad enough try getting super powers along with it. “Supurberty” (super puberty as I’ve dubbed it) when powers are finally showing up. Jessie is going through both at once and has multiple powers, and after a bad bout of cramp, it turns out she’s the one that blasted the windows in her classroom (in her school of normals) out without knowing it.

View all my reviews

Miranda Rights

Paranormal Detectives book #2      by Lily Luchesi 

Miranda's Rights (Paranormal Detectives Book Two)

Started July 20 –      Genres: Paranormal  Horror Crime Thriller    Format: Kindle

Challenge Theme: Your Choice

I read the first book I think last year or maybe the year before, and enjoyed it. This one I’m a bit confused with not sure if it’s another case or supposed to be like a prequel. Maybe it was just a part or 2 that had me think that.  I asked the author and its a Sequel with flashbacks. I’m sure its doesn’t help that I don’t get to read a chapter or 2 every day. The series is written from Angelica Cross’ perspective in the present day with flashbacks to her childhood.

Angelica is the founder of the PID, and has a past with detective Mancini. They were married in one of his past lives. He doesn’t like vampires, even though he seems to have been with 2, although one was human when they were together. Witch  Fiona Gargoyle (man that sounds like a monster high character) Wait that’s not the right spelling… but its something like Guilfoyle  (maybe that isn’t the actual character’s name but I don’t have my kindle in front of me to check spelling) was obsessed with detective Mancini in his past life, and if she can’t have him, then no one can.  Angelica after dispatching the witch in the last book or so we think, learns she is back and thinks she may be a demon or be in co-hoots with them. Miranda a woman from Danny’s past and vampire, has come back now that her family is all gone  and joins the case. The witch is utilizing werewolves to attack the detectives, to catch Danny and kill Angelica.  I remember the last book having more action, this one is more suspenseful so I guess with each book we may get more of a heavier lean on a certain genre.  What is Fiona’s ultimate plan? Will she be able to make her special Werewolves, ones of her own making that will only be loyal to her, and will they actually succeed in capturing the detectives? Did I mention Detective Mancini is psychic? If he touches someone or something he will see the past.

Order your Kindle or paperback copy here via Amazon

The #Paranormal Detectives Series

Enter the #Underworld of #Chicagohttps://t.co/cKkGbi4mHC pic.twitter.com/ogsDiYj3ng


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