Childhood’s End {Miniseries}

stars   Mike Vogel as far as I’ve caught in the trailer.   I think this is some aliens invade earth show. Looking on  Imdb…“humanity finds itself living in a utopia under the indirect rule of the aliens, but does this utopia come at a price?”

it’s 3 episode limited series from Syfy and the first 2 hours was slow and I missed the 2nd one and by the 3rd I’d really just lost interest. Not to mention (was it I the 2d) I think I saw playing in the living that this devil looking character comes out an that’s where I think I lost interest. The costume reminded me of Tim Curry’s  in the movie Legend (that starred Tom Cruise) only this looked like a smaller, more sleek design.

As far as watching it, frankly it ended up being a waste of time.. I’d rather watch the Sharknado movies again, Under the dome even (until this previous season was better than this show)

I think the only reason I watched what I did of it was because there was nothing else on. I was thinking of re-watching on my aunt’s Dvr while I see it in there, but every time I think of it.. I end up brushing it off.

As for watching it… it’s your own choice I mean you’ll only be giving up 6 hours of your time


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