The Gift

2015  R  1:48   stars Jason Bateman and Joel Edgerton


Simon’s (Bateman) past comes back to haunt him  when someone from high school approaches him & his wife while out on errands. Moving into a new home and trying to revitalize their relationship, a 20 year old secret looms about.

Joel Edgerton’s creepy character ‘Gordo’ whjo was the weird kid in school. He’s full on creepy and even I got the vibe of a little static Shock compared to an Electrical or lightning strike,that I’d cross the street if i saw him.  Those brown contacts he’s got in may be helping with the creep factor as well. He basically stalks the couple leaving gifts at the house and showing up  without being invited. (And that’s one reason why I hand cashier’s my I.D. to copy or I whisper it to them.

I did like that finally one who has been bullied gets revenge gainst their bully. Would this have been worth seeing in the theater?  NO

Best time to watch, when you are bored and nothing else is on (like now when all the holiday specials are shoved down our throats… hey where’s the specials for the holidays NOT Christmas?)

You already know from the trailer Joel Edgerton plays the antagonist, but but it’s the full story you have to watch to find out everything as to why Gordo is doing this (as well as the motive the story behind what Simon did that was so bad Gordo is messing with him) I will say, Edgerton is not the only antagonist in this by the end of the movie, one of the protagonists is a villain as well.   C



2 responses to “The Gift

  1. I agree: “Edgerton is not the only antagonist … one of the protagonists is a villain as well. ” That’s one reason I liked the film. The two male leads are both protagonist and antagonist.

    Gordo is a complex character: gentle, kind, forgiving, creepy, and vengeful.

    I wrote a short essay on The Gift called “The Root Cause of Contempt.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback:


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